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"Still seems like a dream come true. Never seemed possible at the beginning of this week. It couldn't have been more perfect to do it in front of my friends and family. I know there's going to be a little bit of celebrating in Fairfield."
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"It's just amazing, ... I really couldn't have dreamed it to be any better at the beginning of the week."
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"I've found the happy medium. I've been too relaxed, too hyper, used up too much nervous energy,"
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"I know I'm not in a Hollywood script, otherwise I probably would have won a lot more this year. I've always known I had a chance to go deep in a major or go and win a tournament and play with these guys because I can put together a good set here, a good match there. I don't think of it as fate or anything. I think it's a lot of hard work."
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"The only thing I don't like about this job is the travelling but here I don't have to. I sleep in my own bed, I have dinner with my mum or my friends and I feel at home on the court too."
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"It's a lot of fun, ... Just being home, staying in my own bed, being around so many friends, people that go way back ... it's something that's very rare on tour. To be back so close to my hometown is a great feeling."
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"Being around my friends and having breakfast with them after sleeping in my own bed is nice. To play tennis in an atmosphere like this. Doing a job that I love. I can't complain a bit about any of this."
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"At the beginning of the year I had a little spot in my heart that hoped I could earn my way back onto the Davis Cup team and show I can help this team."
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"Dean is doing a great job. He's extremely laid-back and an extremely knowledgeable coach, which I think fits great with our team. He's there to help if we need it. He also knows not to probably go overboard; we all have our own coaches, we all know kind of what we're working on in our games, and he just is there to help keep our focus there this week and keep our spirits high, I guess."
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"I hate to let go of a well-kept secret, but I have one of the best coaches in the world,"
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"After the break, I made a little bit of an adjustment, ... I moved back just a couple of steps, trying to see if I could get looks. If he hits the corner, it doesn't matter where I am standing, it is going to be an ace. I just had to accept that he was going to get his aces...Once I got that first break (in the third set), having the sense it was almost over was great. Having that crowd to front run is great."
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"At the beginning of the year, I probably wouldn't have won a match like this."
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"He's really a true gentleman, ... one of the friendliest guys in the locker room. ... He's someone that you can tell your kids to look up to and be proud of it."
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"This is a great exclamation point. But in my mind, I've been back,"
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"It was fun to compete; I generally don't have a lot of fun losing, but this was a whole lot of fun playing. This is incredible."
"I can't believe how well things are going, ... I can't say enough how much this is a dream come true."
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"He taught me about hard work, the joy of hard work for just improving yourself."
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"What does that say about men's tennis these days? They're two pretty cute girls. I don't blame him."
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"He's not quite ready for it. Most 16-year-olds aren't. It's very rare that a kid of that age is ready to compete at this level."
"Well, probably, keeping my eyes on the road, making sure I get here all right,"
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