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"I think Brett deserves to be the No. 1. You look at how far he's come, his age and just his stuff and you have to say he's the No. 1."
"No doubt it was a big game today, especially after some tough games against Houston. These guys really bounce back and we did a great job all the way around."
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"Patience is the big thing, no doubt. Just seeing him and talking to him, I think he understands. His attitude is great."
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"I think it's a great idea ... but why do it this early. You're interrupting camp. Somebody's going to get hurt. I hope not. Guys worrying getting hurt; that's all you hear about. That's my 10 cents for the year."
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"I'm trying to win every game."
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"I can't explain that. But I can tell you that it hasn't entered anybody's mind in this locker room."
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"When things like [good run support] happen you have to make your mindset to where it's a 0-0 game. I pitch better when the games seem to be a little tighter, but you never complain when you get runs like that in a big game like this."
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