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17 Lou Piniella quotes:

"It tells you that the team has come of age a little bit. We're playing hard and we're making some things happen. And these kids are gaining good experience. That's really what it tells you."
"[Gomes] put up 20 in a half-season, pretty impressive, ... He's got some energy. He's an energy player."
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"We hit some balls hard. We just got blown out there in the seventh inning. They've got some talent over there. A good young ballclub. They're right in the hunt for the postseason."
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"I think he's pitching with a little more purpose,"
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"I had a front-row seat for this. Yes, there were swear words exchanged, but I certainly didn't see any bumping or brimming or spraying."
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"A pitching coach is a manager's best friend. He's handling 12 out of the 25 players on the team."
"They don't realize how tired you get during a baseball season ... mentally tired, ... You need time to unwind."
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"These kids are playing hustling baseball."
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"I might be doing this next year. It's not for sure - nothing's for sure. I like it. I'm enjoying this."
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"At the same time, it'll give me time to go home and relax, fish and play some golf. I'm tired. I need some time off. It'll give me a chance to do those things, and at the same time to evaluate and look at situations that might arise about my future."
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"I'm not going to take responsibility for this, ... If I had been given a $40 million or $45 million payroll, I'd stand up like a man and say it's my fault. Well, I'm not going to do it. So if you want answers about what's going on here, you call the new ownership group and let them give them to you."
"It demonstrates commitment from ownership and it should send a clear message to our young players that if you go out and play hard and do the job you will be rewarded. It gives Carl security, and at the same time it gives the organization another key young player to build with."
"[That's what makes this season so important in Tampa Bay. The Devil Rays need to start strong and hope for a boost in attendance from the league-low 13,070 average of last season. They need the extra revenue to chase after quality pitching next winter.] This year we divided our [free-agent] spending among a lot of low-cost players, ... Next year we hope to be able to take a little more money and maybe try to sign two or three players who could really help us immediately."
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"I had a front-view seat of this. And yeah, there were some words exchanged. But I certainly didn't see any bumping or cap brimming or spraying. ... I think I had a better view than anybody. I was right there."
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"I had a front-row seat for this. Yes, there were some words exchanged, but I certainly didn't see any bumping or brimming or spraying."
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"The interviews can be a little distracting, ... But they go by quickly. The important thing is you're pleasing the audience. And I'd rather do interviews than just have microphones around. During the action, things come out that can be embarrassing."
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"He's an intelligent guy. He's very good with mechanics. He's particularly good with putting together game plans on how to pitch the opposition -- utilizing his pitchers' strengths more than opposing hitters' weaknesses, which is a good way to go about it."
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