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15 Nate McMillan quotes:

"I loved our aggressiveness in getting to the free throw line 38 times, but missing 16 free throws in a tight game like this ... you basically shoot yourself in the foot."
"Offensively, the execution was there. After the five turnovers we had in the first quarter, I think we settled down. The next three quarters, we had only six turnovers."
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"We are not going to accept that type of behavior."
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"I think sometimes, you're going to go back and forth. There's certain things that I believe in as a coach and a style that this team should play. And that's what we're trying to put in place. So we're going to be back and forth."
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"Anytime a player or coach leaves an organization, when you come back, you want to win. It was definitely strange and as the game got closer the heart started beating faster, but it was nice to see the fans and to get the game going."
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"The ball stopped moving in the fourth quarter. We were content to play finesse basketball instead of power basketball. When they got hot, I thought we tightened up a bit. We did make plays down the stretch, however, to win it."
"We've played some pretty consistent basketball in the month of January, but it's one month. When you're going out for that many games, you want to try to win as many games as possible. So yes, it (Minnesota) is an important game to try to get these guys a focus."
"We were missing Zach so we had to go with a different type of game, which was mainly pick-and-rolls and not so many post-ups."
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"If we got sloppy in a game or two when the regular season started, we would go back to two-a-days. Players never really liked that, but what can you do? The head man was giving you orders."
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"He's been a big spark. When he's patient and he allows the game to come to him and not force it, he's done some good things. And the last couple of games, he and that bench have brought a lot of energy."
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"That's the truth. And it's not that I'm bailing out . The question is being asked now when things are going wrong . . . but I have always taken that approach. The bottom line is you gotta win and feel like you can win. It's not my plan (to leave); I came here to commit, but the thing is, we need to make sure we are doing what we need to do to get the team competitive. It's obvious we need to do something different."
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"He's going to land on his feet."
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"No excuse for that. What I told him was, 'I wasn't planning to use him (Miles), but dress and be available,' and in the second half I guess he felt since I wasn't using him he was going to step out in street clothes...We'll have to talk about that."
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"There were some words. Ruben said some things that he shouldn't have. . . . I think that he understands why he was suspended."
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"What it has done for Orangeburg is provide a common philosophy we can all put our arms around, ... It's the one thing that will keep us moving forward."

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