Rachel Simmons Quotes

3 Rachel Simmons quotes:

"Many girls intentionally perpetrate acts of aggression that go unseen by parents and teachers. Because they are so skilled at being subtle, girls can communicate a thousand words without saying anything. By rolling their eyes or turning their back on another girl, they can shut that other person out without being noticed by anyone else - even a concerned parent or teacher."
Author: Simmons Quotes Category: Aggression Quotes
"This creates a culture in which girls do not have social permission to express themselves."
Author: Simmons Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"Gossip harms relationships and that's why it's bad. While we all do it at times, there's a point where it crosses the line and becomes bullying if it damages friendships and causes people to dislike someone."
Author: Simmons Quotes Category: Gossip Quotes

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