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"In today's world, it is no longer unimaginable to think that business can operate - and even thrive - in an environmentally-friendly manner."
"Clearly the understanding is explicit that the package remain at 350 [billion dollars] ... Our voices have clearly been heard at every level."
"Just because we have different views, that doesn't mean that we lack principles."
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"As a Greek-American, I am especially pleased that Ambassador Negroponte has earned the honor of being nominated to this most prominent position of responsibility in the intelligence community. He is a role model to all Greek-Americans, making the entire Hellenic community proud."
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"Our patience is running thin."
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"Most breast cancer-related deaths can be prevented through simple and painless preventive measures. A late diagnosis can result in more serious, long-term consequences."
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"The existing program, as it has been developed in the last 70 years, provides a stable monthly income that has prevented seniors, almost 50 percent from falling into poverty. I don't think we want to erode the principles of that system."
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"I'm certainly not going to support diverting $2 trillion from Social Security into creating personal savings accounts,"
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"We like to think that was the Maine influence rubbing off. Or better yet, that of his wonderful, exceptional wife, because to know Cap was to know Jane. They were truly one soul."
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