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Mariann Boel Quotes

7 Mariann Boel quotes:

"Everyone should be free to choose. But that choice is eroded if GM and non-GM crops are unintentionally mixed up; and in such cases, there may be an economic impact on one or more of the parties involved."
Author: Boel Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"We are confident that our revised proposal is fully in conformity with the ruling of the WTO arbitrators, ... It was always our intention that the level of protection would not change under our new import regime."
Author: Boel Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"I am delighted we have managed to finalize this very important agreement, after 20 years of on-off negotiations,"
Author: Boel Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"Despite our efforts, we were not able to come to an agreement with our partners. Nor did they present an alternative proposal of their own. Time is now running out for the introduction of the tariff-only regime by the beginning of next year. This is why we are requesting a second round of arbitration today."
Author: Boel Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"This is a crucial process in ensuring that CAP money is used properly and that all unduly spent amounts are recovered."
Author: Boel Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"I'm delighted that this agreement can finally enter into force, and I raise my glass to the negotiators for their efforts. This deal will facilitate access for EU wines to the lucrative US market, where consumers greatly appreciate the quality and long history behind our wines. In today's increasingly competitive market place, it is vital that there are no unnecessary and burdensome barriers for our winemakers, who I believe are the best in the world. The EU attaches great importance to the proper protection of its geographical indications abroad."
Author: Boel Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"This deal will remove the legal uncertainty which has hung over this trade for several years and benefit producers on both sides of the Atlantic."
Author: Boel Quotes Category: Trade Quotes

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