Jaroslaw Kaczynski Quotes

8 Jaroslaw Kaczynski quotes:

"We just signed an agreement that I am deeply certain will lead to the creation of a lasting majority in parliament, which will rule until (the term ends) in 2009."
"Russia needs to accept that Poland is an independent player in this part of Europe and no doubt this will be a long and difficult process."
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"In our relations with Russia you need to be patient and avoid provocations, but if events like the recent ones take place, you have to tell the truth -- cowardice is only an encouragement."
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"We will submit this motion (to dissolve parliament) shortly so that elections could take place before the Pope's visit to Poland (on May 25-28)."
"We have won. Everything indicates that we have won, but this is only the beginning."
"This was the first conversation, we will hold further meetings."
"I hope we will manage to create a coalition. I have reasons to believe this is a realistic perspective."
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"I'm convinced this will allow us to slowly build a majority in parliament and allow backing for the government until 2009."

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