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12 Ehud Olmert quotes:

"Our eyes and those of the entire world are on the hospital in the hope that the prime minister, who went through so many battles in the past, will emerge from this battle safe and sound. This is a difficult situation that we are not accustomed to. ... This is a difficult hour, and we will get through it, together."
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"We are closely monitoring developments in these difficult hours and our eyes, and those of the entire world, are directed toward the hospital in the hope of seeing the prime minister, who has emerged from so many previous battles, emerging from this battle as well and taking his seat here."
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"In the elections tomorrow, and in the steps which will follow, they will have to decide: whether to take their fate into their hands or to again leave the key in the hands of the extremists, those who led them from bad to worse and condemned them to a life of misery and suffering."
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"The operations will take as long as is needed to ensure that the fire against us will be curbed."
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"The behavior of the settlers cannot be tolerated. Today they crossed every line."
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"Today is the birthday of prime minister Ariel Sharon. We all pray for his health and wish for his speedy recovery."
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"We will not negotiate with a government that does not keep to its most basic commitment fighting terror."
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"We believe that some maybe are still under the wreckage here, and the special units of the army are starting to work in order to move the wreckage in order to rescue all those that are still left here,"
"I hope to form a government, which will have the broadest possible support, as quickly as possible."
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"simply don't trust the Palestinians."
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"The pullout from Gaza is in no way an attempt to trade off Gaza for the West Bank."
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"These two leaders are determined to carry on this fight against terror, not by making statements, not by words, not by empty gestures, but by actual fighting against those who are creating the terror as such a fundamental threat to the ways of life of our countries,"

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