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Mark Palmer Quotes

6 Mark Palmer quotes:

"It just made no sense to train people to fire a gun and use a baton, then sit them in dispatch."
Author: Palmer Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"We didn't even have enough space to keep the trailers, so we put them on property that someone let us use. But then, security becomes a concern."
Author: Palmer Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"Taiwanese should not feel depressed at the tumultuous situation in the pursuit of democracy, for Taiwan has actually achieved the highest level of freedom."
Author: Palmer Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"We 're pleased to have reached a tentative agreement so we may be able to pay additional severance benefits to our former employees."
Author: Palmer Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"We have no knowledge about the documents in possession of ABC News, nor the significance of those documents, but we do know what we have repeatedly told our employees since October 25 -- and that is in no uncertain terms that they are to preserve all documents and materials,"
Author: Palmer Quotes Category: Knowledge Quotes
"The educational value of sharks in captivity is overrated."
Author: Palmer Quotes Category: Value Quotes

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