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Mayor Stewart Quotes

6 Mayor Stewart quotes:

"It is idiotic to prohibit people from participating in government. You are taking a population of our city and telling them that they can't serve to help our city. There is no good rationale behind it. I don't understand it."
Author: Stewart Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"This indicates continued economic growth for the city of New Britain and proves that we are on the right track in expanding our tax base. Our efforts to encourage new businesses to move to our city and existing businesses to expand are paying off."
Author: Stewart Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"It is money in the bank to us."
Author: Stewart Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"It makes me sick. What is this? A power struggle? And you are slowing progress downtown because of it? Somebody who has real sincerity about moving the city forward would not have done that."
Author: Stewart Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"I contacted them right before Christmas, and Forrest said he would give me a call back in a couple of weeks. He never called."
Author: Stewart Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"After lengthy and cordial negotiations, we have reached an agreement that will keep the Rock Cats in New Britain for a very long time. We take pride in our stadium and in the Rock Cats organization, which has been a great partner for our community."
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