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James Woolsey Quotes

8 James Woolsey quotes:

"It has to be looked at in the context of whether this interim agreement is a valuable agreement and if releasing Pollard ... contributes to it. That's a presidential decision. That's why the president makes the big bucks."
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"It's as if we were fighting with dragon for some 45 years and slew the dragon and then found ourselves in a jungle full of a number of poisonous snakes."
"had to do with coordination of intelligence in the United States."
"You can't expect the insurance industry to do something out of the goodness of its heart. But you might be able to combine incentives ... and regulation in a way that still lets the market work."
Author: Woolsey Quotes Category: Goodness Quotes
"[The CIA has a] unique responsibility to steal secrets, ... That is absolutely timeless."
"They are looking hard for technology to get leverage with their conventional forces and to move more quickly than they have been able to in the past into the world of computers, electronics and so on."
Author: Woolsey Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"This is an issue for people's pocketbooks as well as the economy and national security."
"For anyone who believes that this is purely a commercial undertaking, unrelated to a national strategy of domination of energy markets and of the western Pacific, I would suggest that that view is extraordinarily naive."
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