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Sidonie Gabrielle Colette Quotes

6 Sidonie Gabrielle Colette quotes:

"On this narrow planet, we have only the choice between two unknown worlds. One of them tempts us - ah! what a dream, to live in that! - the other stifles us at the first breath."
"A woman who thinks she is intelligent demands the same rights as man. An intelligent woman gives up."
Author: Colette Quotes Category: Equality Quotes
"Be happy. It's one way of being wise."
Author: Colette Quotes Category: Wisdom Quotes
"Is suffering so very serious? I have come to doubt it. It may be quite childish, a sort of undignified pastime -- I'm referring to the kind of suffering a man inflicts on a woman or a woman on a man. It's extremely painful. I agree that it's hardly bearable. But I very much fear that this sort of pain deserves no consideration at all. It's no more worthy of respect than old age or illness."
Author: Colette Quotes Category: Suffering Quotes
"What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner."
"Girls usually have a paper mGchT face on their wedding day."
Author: Colette Quotes Category: Wedding Quotes

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