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7 Bertie Ahern quotes:

"Obviously we had wished to be able to present the proposals in the context of full agreement. (But) we are on the brink of an accommodation that would have been regarded as impossible not that long ago."
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"was prepared to take risks for the peace process, risks to secure agreement and risks to implement it."
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"I would be a disaster, to put it at its mildest, if any of the institutions were to slide. I think people need to think very, very hard,"
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"There is absolutely no excuse for the disgraceful scenes in Dublin today. It is the essence of Irish democracy and republicanism that people are allowed to express their views freely and in a peaceful manner."
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"George should be remembered as the very best at what he did. He was quite simply a football genius."
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"I spoke to Jose Manuel last night and was happy to share this information with him. It is a great tribute to the prime minister and to Portugal that colleagues have expressed such support for him and wish to see him accept this appointment."
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"We have the strongest possible basis for permanent peace in Ireland, such as has never before been experienced in our history,"
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