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Condoleezza Rice Quotes

43 Condoleezza Rice quotes:

"We really want to be ready to hit the ground running with this new government when it's ready to go."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"The Egyptian government must fulfill the promise it made to its people - and to the entire world - by giving its citizens the freedom to choose. Egypt's elections, including the parliamentary elections, must meet objective standards that define every free election,"
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"We understand that the Israelis have to defend themselves. It's just extremely important that the Israelis also keep in mind the long view here."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"Frankly, one of the problems that we face is that you have a bit of a relationship, or quite a relationship, between Cuba and Venezuela . . . which I think is a particular danger to the region."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"John Bolton is personally committed to the future success of the United Nations, and he will be a strong voice for reform at a time when the United Nations has begun to reform itself to help meet the challenging agenda before the international community."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"National Security Council task force."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"[A spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security said,] DHS is not looking into a contingency plan. ... I don't know where the idea that there might be some postponement of elections comes from."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"on the common agenda that we have -- the agenda for cooperation that we have ahead of us on issues like [nuclear] non-proliferation, on issues like fighting disease and poverty in the poorer areas of the world, on issues like the global economy and trade."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Cooperation Quotes
"Charles Taylor is out of Liberia , he is through raping and pillaging his country and the Liberian people are trying to look forward. I really think we owe it to them to look forward and not back."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"With our decision today, we show that Syria has isolated itself from the international community, ... Now, the Syrian government must make a strategic decision to fundamentally change its behavior."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"was characterized by freer debate, increased transparency and improved access to the media, in contrast with previous polls."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"If we abandon future generations in the Middle East to despair and terror, we also condemn future generations in the United States to insecurity and fear."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Despair Quotes
"The French will have to make their own determination."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Determination Quotes
"There will be a road to democracy in Belarus, ... the last dictatorship in the center of Europe."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"to lead the region in promoting democracy, as it has done in pursuit of peace."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"for the United States to protect democracy and build democracy."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"They will talk about issues concerning the continued march of democracy in Europe and also in Russia,"
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"The vote today is an important milestone. They will have elections in December for a permanent government. Every time the Iraqi people have been given an opportunity to express themselves politically they have taken it,"
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"We will stick to the text of the Beijing [agreement], and I believe we can make progress if everybody sticks to what we agreed to,"
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"Success is not assured, but America is resolute: this is the best chance for peace we are likely to see for some years to come - and we are acting to help Israelis and Palestinians seize this chance."
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