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"We would certainly like to see an agreement reached that would see the continued operation of our mill, but if that's not possible and the mill does shut down, the streetlights will come on in Stephenville that night and every night thereafter,"
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"You play like you practice. That's pretty good. There it is. I'm going to use that example in the meeting. That's what he did. He got better, he got quicker, and he's throwing the ball extremely well."
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"We are absolutely delighted that Hockey Day in Canada is coming to Stephenville,"
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"It looked like it was awful far off. We were fighting for our lives last year just to survive in the Big East with all the things swirling around us. We were just relieved that, as of July 1, it was over and we were definitely accepted into the conference and we look forward to a long relationship being in the ACC."
"We will move forward and as a community and a community spirit we will succeed in the future."
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"A great weekend for college football. It was special."
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"I think if Coach Welsh was still coaching there, it'd be different, ... I'm nine years removed."
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"Army-Navy, by far, ... Many rivalries – Ohio State-Michigan, USC-UCLA, Auburn-Alabama – are regional rivalries within conferences that encompass a state, or maybe two states, whereas Army-Navy encompasses all 50 states."
"You look at the class overall and I think what stands out to us is that there's speed in this class, and not only at the normal skill positions, but there's speed at all positions, which we think we've upgraded ourselves."
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"I think overall it's an excellent class and it'll be an exciting class with the opportunity to come in and compete towards our goal of winning the ACC championship."
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"It's like we've changed jobs, ... We went from being a Big East school to an ACC school, and so in some respects, we're starting over."
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"It's like we've changed jobs. We went from being a Big East school to an ACC school, and so in some respects, we're starting over."
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"He was helping his mother clean an office."
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"In the fourth quarter, we were once again able to significantly grow sales and earnings over the prior year as our enhanced service offering continued to deliver our suppliers with industry-leading returns."
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"Due to improvements in our overall technology platform, including specific enhancement such as the manufacturer's sticker imaging, the impact of international bidders on our business has been significant and will likely continue to grow."
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"Matt did a real nice job."
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"I think that comes about from never attempting to fail. There's times he'd go out in practice, and I'd say, If you don't throw five interceptions today, you didn't have a good practice.' You have to learn as a quarterback what you can and can't throw."
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