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14 Alejandro Toledo quotes:

"We want to expand the bases of support for a free trade agreement with the United States, and therefore we have to talk with the Democrats,"
Author: Toledo Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"Nobody suspected that 12 months before ... that we could bring down dictatorship and have new elections, ... respected the results."
Author: Toledo Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"We are now beginning to see the fruits of the sacrifice it has taken to maintain discipline and achieve sustained economic growth,"
Author: Toledo Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"I blame the president ... for the possible consequences of leading Peru ... to instability in a country on a razor's edge,"
"poverty and exclusion conspire against peace, security and democracy."
Author: Toledo Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"In our fight to recover democracy in Peru, we will not put all our eggs in the basket of the Organization of American States."
Author: Toledo Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"There are great reasons to celebrate. This is a gigantic step toward the recovery of democracy and liberty."
Author: Toledo Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"I already know who won today's election, ... Because this vote was carried out according to regulations, Peru and democracy have won today."
Author: Toledo Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"The armed forces and the police should be subordinated to the authority elected by the popular sovereignty."
Author: Toledo Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"If something happens it will be because the intelligence services provoke incidents to discredit us."
"We're aware that voting is obligatory. Let's see if they can collect fines from 5 million Peruvians."
Author: Toledo Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"We started and are about to finish negotiating free trade agreements"
Author: Toledo Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"They are dressing up the results without listening to the will of the people, ... I want them to know if they attempt to twist the will of the people that I will be the first to go to the streets at the front of the line, to defend the rights of the nation."
Author: Toledo Quotes Category: Listening Quotes
"This is an enormous responsibility: the responsibility to maintain peace and international security and resolve controversies that may arise in the world,"
Author: Toledo Quotes Category: Peace Quotes

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