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"But we are disappointed that he would come to the heart of the manufacturing industry and not address his failure to enact trade policies that help our American manufacturers keep jobs in this country."
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"The Broadband Development Authority needs to fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities."
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"Up to this point, no one has identified any clear legal authority that would allow the governor to intervene in this matter."
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"We're struggling because Michigan is the center of manufacturing in the country, and manufacturing is in crisis."
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"The governor's office supports the compromise."
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Compromise Quotes
"It was a positive meeting and the governor appreciates the sheriffs -- they are the backbone of law enforcement."
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"The potential impact to Michigan can be huge. Like everyone else, we are keeping a close eye on the unfolding situation and trying to assess how large the impact may be."
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"We really want to attempt to create a school culture where stopping bullying is everyone's responsibility."
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"It's not an approach we support. We'd prefer that lawmakers concentrate on issues on which there is more bipartisan agreement."
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"Today, the governor has no intention of suspending the sales tax. It would be an option, under a variety of circumstances."
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"This agreement will mean great things for Michigan's students and great things for Michigan's economy. Michigan needs the best-educated work force in the country to succeed economically, and these changes are a giant leap in that direction."
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"They have made loans. The loans have to be serviced. The broadband authority needs to fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities."
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"We have had upward of 1,200 complaints on the price of gas."
"The president's budget cuts are broad and deep, ranging from vital job creation, worker protection and state homeland security to vital support for our manufacturers and most vulnerable citizens. On top of nearly $40 billion in cuts passed by Congress last week, Michigan can't afford the president's plan."
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