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Ken Livingstone Quotes

9 Ken Livingstone quotes:

"A lot of people have had a really hard summer in July and August, it is money they can't get back again."
Author: Livingstone Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"Hosting the first stage of the legendary French cycle race will raise the profile of cycling in the capital, attract visitors and promote the capital as a venue for international sporting events."
Author: Livingstone Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Three members of a body that no one has ever elected should not be allowed to overturn the votes of millions of Londoners."
Author: Livingstone Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"It is a radical policy which will help under-16s access London's education facilities and attractions, ... Young people should make full use of it but they should also realize that anyone who abuses the concession will have it withdrawn."
"Those police were actually breaking the law as they took those banners away. We are not having any of that."
Author: Livingstone Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it"
Author: Livingstone Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"We've closed the gap on Paris, but the truth is, Paris is still ahead, ... No city is close to a majority on the first ballot."
Author: Livingstone Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"Here is a radical and reforming commissioner making major changes to the police who has many enemies in there, who really don't want to see those changes,"
"We hope this agreement will foster an environment in which London and Beijing can become closer business partners and develop a deeper cultural understanding through the exchange of tourists and students."

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