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Ann Wilson Quotes

9 Ann Wilson quotes:

"We're just pleased that all parties were able to reach an agreement and that the lawsuit has come to an end. We now look forward to moving on with the business of raising money to support Iowa State University."
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"Fleetwood Mac are more like a folk-rock band."
"I'm a little bit more unusual so I consider myself as the black sheep."
"Led Zeppelin, you can't find a better band to pay homage to."
"But I think after this tour Nancy's gonna score another Cameron Crowe movie called Elizabethtown and I'm gonna do a million things which I'm not sure what they are right now."
"Women are sometimes so emotionally attached to the house that they cannot see the financial pros and cons of it,"
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"All the songs that were written for that album are just all our first sophomore songs. So they're all from real life. Very sweet and very innocent."
"I don't think we will use the 80s glossy sound again."
"I don't think we'll ever use the same sound techniques."

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