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Gene Orza Quotes

11 Gene Orza quotes:

"I don't think it was very hard."
Author: Orza Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"Seattle is certainly in the running. It has a fair shot."
Author: Orza Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"The Italians believe that if Mike Piazza was to apply for dual citizenship, he would be granted it."
Author: Orza Quotes Category: Citizenship Quotes
"We don't want the world to know if a guy tested positive in out-of-competition testing -- that's part of the arrangement we made. If they're playing in the tournament and test positive, their removal will be an indication why they were removed."
Author: Orza Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"We're delighted we could reach agreement with ESPN on what will prove to be, I'm confident, historic broadcasts of the sport. There is a style and intensity that ESPN brings to baseball that makes this agreement the perfect fit for the inaugural games."
Author: Orza Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"My understanding is that Pedro, very frankly, is doubtful."
Author: Orza Quotes Category: Understanding Quotes
"Let's assume steroids are very bad to take, but I have no doubt that they are not worse than cigarettes, ... I would never say that to the clubs as an individual who represents the interests of players, 'Gee, I guess by not allowing baseball to suspend and fine players for smoking cigarettes, I am not protecting their health.'"
Author: Orza Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"I think there has been a failure by some people in the press to distinguish between a player who's not playing because he feels he can't and the guy who's not interested in playing in this kind of tournament. The latter kinds of guys are very few in number."
Author: Orza Quotes Category: Failure Quotes
"We've notified Major League Baseball we may or may not disagree."
Author: Orza Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes
"I'm not sure what Alex is doing right now. I think, most likely, what U.S.A. Baseball will do is leave a few spots open for players who are on the fence."
Author: Orza Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes
"This is Olympic-style-sponsored and WADA-sponsored testing. The International Baseball Federation would not sanction it unless it could have the same testing with the same frequency for the same substances in the same laboratories."
Author: Orza Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes

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