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"America has invested blood and treasure here, and we stand for certain values, and one of them is equality for men and women. I believe the new constitution will embrace equality for men and women before the law."
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"They are making great progress. They have reached agreement on almost all of the key issues. There is one or two issues left. They are working very hard. They tell me they are optimistic, but we will have to wait and see until tomorrow."
"The militias are an issue that the next government will have to deal with. Iraq needs a strong national army, a strong national police. It needs weapons in the hands of those who are authorized to have them."
"I believe you cannot win the kind of conflict we are facing by military means alone... You need to have an integrated approach that wins populations over,"
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"The draft constitution has moved in the right direction and is moving toward becoming the national compact Iraq needs."
"Now several groups of them support the constitution, are voting for it,"
"In order for Iraq to succeed, there has to be cross-ethnic and cross-sectarian cooperation."
"I believe strongly that you cannot defeat the insurgency through military means alone."
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"We are investing a great deal of resources in the police and army. Those forces will not be regarded as credible forces if run by a minister who is sectarian or has ties to militias. It undermines the efforts to build these forces."
"I believe that they're on the wrong side of history ? that the people of Iraq are moving away from them, including the Sunni community. They will ultimately be defeated. The question is not whether, but when."
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