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"[Calling the discovery] most worrisome, ... on wheels and on rails."
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"That's why it's even more important than ever before to get the cycle moving in the other direction,"
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"Was the vice president determined that we had to do something about Saddam Hussein and that evil regime? You bet he was."
Author: Powell Quotes Category: Evil Quotes
"There comes a time when soft power or talking with evil will not work."
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"They find all kinds of excuses, a thousand excuses -- 'There are spies on this team. We don't want this. When are sanctions going to be relieved and removed?' The issue is Iraqi noncompliance, and we should not allow them to move us off that issue."
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"But I think we have to be very careful in this instance because if in the exercise of that right of self defense we have states going after each other, we could create a ... situation that could spiral out of control,"
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"There's no country that has said, 'Oh, please, let us run the show,'"
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"We must also deal with the grave and growing danger posed by the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein, ... The Iraqi regime can either disarm, or be disarmed. The choice is theirs -- but it can no longer be postponed."
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"We have a way out of this crisis. It's called the Mitchell plan,"
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"We are anxious to get through this crisis and see a dialogue begin between the two sides so that they can start to move forward to find a solution to the problem in Kashmir ultimately,"
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"That young pilot was faced with a crisis. His plane had been badly damaged and he had to get it on the ground,"
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"We will be with you in this current crisis and in the future,"
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"We have a humanitarian catastrophe and a security crisis, ... It was a moving experience."
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"So far there is good cooperation between the two parties,"
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"We will continue to work with UNMOVIC [the U.N. Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission] and IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] and will consult with other members of the council to see what conclusions the council members arrive at, and to see whether or not more evidence can be brought forward to make the case to the council that Iraq has totally missed this opportunity,"
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"Kenya is an example to the rest of the region of what could be accomplished with elections that allow people to make a choice as to how they will be governed, ... We look forward to the election that will be taking place in 2002 for the people of Kenya to once again come forward and express their desires with respect to how they will be governed."
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"We want the humanitarian workers and other workers in Iraq -- reconstruction workers and others -- to have a safe environment,"
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"Sgt. Jenkins is, of course, a deserter from the U.S. Army and those charges remain outstanding,"
"It is time ... for the Lebanese army to deploy to the border and end the armed Hezbollah militia presence."
"wonderful opportunities and daunting challenges."
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