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"It's not the total chaos that some have suggested it would be,"
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"We must also deal with the grave and growing danger posed by the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein, ... The Iraqi regime can either disarm, or be disarmed. The choice is theirs -- but it can no longer be postponed."
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"part and parcel of a policy of evasion and deception that goes back 12 years."
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"In our 21st century world, where freedom and democracy are spreading to every continent, it is appalling and morally unacceptable that hundreds of thousands of men, women and children are exploited, abused and enslaved by peddlers in human misery,"
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"They're not going back there. I think they have discovered what democracy is about. They like it, and they want to be able to vote for their leaders."
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"We had a thorough discussion on strategic issues and the U.S. desire to move forward on a new strategic framework proposal that deals with offensive strategic weapons and defensive systems."
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"We are anxious to get through this crisis and see a dialogue begin between the two sides so that they can start to move forward to find a solution to the problem in Kashmir ultimately,"
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"We will be with you in this current crisis and in the future,"
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"At the time the president was listening to those who were supposed to be providing him with military advice. They were anticipating a different kind of immediate aftermath of the fall of Baghdad; it turned out to be not exactly as they had anticipated."
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"We looked away once before in Rwanda with tragic consequences. This is not Rwanda, nor is it Somalia, ... It is a different situation."
"improper, inappropriate and would have consequences."
"But I think we have to be very careful in this instance because if in the exercise of that right of self defense we have states going after each other, we could create a ... situation that could spiral out of control,"
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"When in due course we learn the fate of Saddam Hussein, I wouldn't expect that, in and of itself, to solve the security problem,"
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"I hope that the U.N. will not slip into irrelevance."
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"We will begin to share that with our friends on the Security Council. I can't tell you when the resolution will be passed, ... This Week."
"We are in constant discussion with our German friends about these nations that are pursuing these kinds of weapons and Iraq certainly is one of these foremost advocates of getting this kind of capability and they are working on it,"
"The answer we are going to give them is, 'Yes. America cares.'"
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"We made clear to the leaders in the region that we want to move forward with negotiations as early as possible, ... And we're looking at different ways to do that once security has been established."
"[He told NBC he was] very happy in my private life. ... It sounds fair to me."
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"There is no magic calendar"
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