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"It's not the total chaos that some have suggested it would be,"
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"The transnational character of this crime means that countries of origin, transit and destination must work in partnership to prevent trafficking, protect its victims and prosecute those who are responsible for trafficking,"
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"We will try to create a set of circumstances where both sides find it in their interest to sit across the table from one another at some level."
"We will begin to share that with our friends on the Security Council. I can't tell you when the resolution will be passed, ... This Week."
"My folks have come up with models that span 80 years, ... We will explore ideas with our friends in the weeks ahead."
"We are in constant discussion with our German friends about these nations that are pursuing these kinds of weapons and Iraq certainly is one of these foremost advocates of getting this kind of capability and they are working on it,"
"irretrievable loss to the understanding of history and the efforts of Iraqi and international scholars to study and gain new insight into our past."
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"I hope that both sides will realize this is not the solution to any problem and that Macedonia should be free to live in peace without being attacked,"
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"But I cannot give you a timeline as to when they'll all be home."
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"We don't want to hurt the Iraqi people,"
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"We have some ideas with respect to security assurances which we will be presenting in due course,"
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"moving forward. We are in very intensive discussions and negotiations and exchanging ideas and papers and there has been movement, but that's as far as I'd like to go now."
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"because there has been movement, and because we are exchanging rather precise ideas as to how to bring this to a conclusion."
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"We have some ideas, and we are examining what resources might be available, but I really need to talk to the Palestinians to see what their needs are before I make any announcements or commitments of anything."
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"I hope that the U.N. will not slip into irrelevance."
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"The president's military advisers felt that the size of the force was adequate, they may still feel that years later. Some of us don't, I don't."
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"believed what he was giving to me was accurate."
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"America's international counter-terrorism capability is strong, ... At all levels of government, we meet regularly, train together, share information, and use our resources as force multipliers."
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"We have to make sure that all derogatory information we have on individuals who might be trying to get into the country are in that database, so that when our consular offices around the world receive a request for a visa and they put it into the database, we check every single name against our databases,"
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"There was a lot of additional information that was very solid and substantiated that I didn't use because I didn't have time to use it all, and anything that we weren't totally comfortable with, we didn't use."
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