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10 John Ferguson quotes:

"We have built network context on top of vulnerability management."
"They want their trade-chain partners, including their carriers, to be C-TPAT certified."
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"We value his services,"
Author: Ferguson Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"This was a horse Sheikh Mohammed felt was the best Storm Cat he had seen. He was an outstanding athlete from a very good family and has the same (genetic) cross as (sire) Giant's Causeway . From the moment Sheikh Mohammed laid eyes on this horse, he felt it was very important that he and his brothers race him in the Godolphin name. (We were) very keen to get him."
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"We're going to be quicker. We're going to rely on players who continue to improve. We'll have a new coach to lead us in that direction."
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"From the first moment he laid eyes on this horse, ... he felt it was very, very important that this horse race for his brothers."
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"One U.S./Canada border crossing alone may conduct more than $400 million a day in trade. A significant volume of goods flow between the countries."
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"I have to hand it to Raul. This is one of the best organized, most well-run events I've been to. He really did it right."
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"If some common sense comes out of the next collective bargaining agreement I don't see why Winnipeg shouldn't have a team. Hockey is the only game in town during the winter there -- you don't watch NASCAR and you're not that interested in basketball."
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"Because we're involved with both the U.S. and Canadian security initiatives, we're able to take advantage of the latest expedited customs release programs, which often include electronic data transmission of trade document information."
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