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"I'm not only in agreement, I've been feeling for quite a while that these issues are going to emerge pretty soon. I guess the only question I have is, if everything that Kumar described is true, which frankly, I believe it is, then why does he still have a 'buy' on the stock?"
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"It's not a disaster. But it's just not good enough to rally the stock."
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"For the last three quarters, the whole industry has been on fire. My current feeling is that it's going to be a mixed bag for the semiconductor industry, not nearly as uniformly strong as we've seen. That is the beginning of a general deceleration in the industry, but that deceleration is going to be very sector specific."
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"The rest of the communications market still looks like it's on fire: cable modems, Internet infrastructure, high-speed switches, optical, all that. It looks like [it's] still soaring right along without any interruptions."
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"The assumption is that a lot of the problems that we're seeing in the semiconductor industry now are related to the economy, and any move by Greenspan to shore up the economic situation we're seeing is going to be very beneficial."
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