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"Chad Bell gave us an extreme lift off the bench with energy at the start of the second half. We got the first couple of shots down. We kind of fed off each other. They fed off each other and then the crowd got involved. Then, it was a fun night."
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"The whole basis of the asset purchase agreement is that Metabolife maintain ongoing operations as planned and according to past practice, ... They made material changes that will have an extremely detrimental effect on revenue at the end of the year."
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"Richie is extremely explosive and powerful and will help us in the future. He comes from a great school program where he has learned how to win as well as how to play."
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"There are so many good teams. There might be 50 teams that have real good shots at winning tournament games. Maybe there are 52, 53. It's not like you're playing the 65th best team in America."
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"I would stack our non-league performance against anybody."
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"Coach Carey hated that word. Coach Carey said potential is manure that hasn't started stinking yet."
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"Without any question in my mind. They played us exactly even for 40 minutes. It was a hard-fought game, a well-played game by both teams."
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"I learned a lot from him and still use it today. He helped fuel my passion for what I do."
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"I'm not happy. But I'm not discouraged at all. Even the other night (after the win over Akron) I wasn't happy. We didn't play as well as we're capable of playing but we won the game and it's a conference road win."
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"To be honest with you, I told the team last night that if we won the game we clinch a share of the title. A couple of them didn't even know they were so focused on their daily effort. I'm extremely proud of these kids."
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"I think it's worth it. It's allowed us to be on television. It's allowed us to finish our schedule. It's allowed us to get Top 100 teams. It's had a lot of positives for us."
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"Chad's still real sore. We'll probably rest him the next couple of days."
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"Their losses are against real good people so they're an excellent basketball team. It's a Top 100 game for us. This team is winning their league. They have a lot to play for as do we."
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"I think they are playing their best basketball. They had a difficult time to begin the year. I think they're playing as well in the conference as they have all year."
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"Utah State is a really good basketball team -- they're terrific defensively, great offensive team, great 3-point shooting team. There's a reason they have as many wins as they do."
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"It's great for our program. It's a compliment to our players. Twenty-win seasons are a result of their commitment."
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"Well, it's three for our program. It's just a compliment to our players. They've done a terrific job. They should get all the credit for that. They've had a great commitment to winning. The 20-win seasons are a result of that commitment and effort."
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"Our offense had very little to do with our defeat. We did not play defense."
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"There are two things I care about, my family and my team. That's it. I am ashamed to say at times they get out or order. The most rewarding thing is to see a kid when he knows he's accomplished something, whether that's getting a degree or winning a championship."
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"They're a fun team to watch and we're going to have to be ready to play. Last year is history. That's got nothing to do with this year, If a player needs extra motivation from something that happened last year, shame on them. Every time (the ball) goes up, you have to play like it's your last game. So I don't think last year should have any bearing on what we do this year."
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