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"We do feel it's a good agreement. It allows us to make significant improvements to Long Island Sound and to Jamaica Bay, and it allocated time for us to study what the best options are to do it."
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"The net effect is it will delay ultraviolet protection for water by a year... and it has already raised the cost of the project."
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"It's a project being run by the (U.S.) Army Corps of Engineers to install new security systems at the dam. It (will) be open again soon."
"Yes, the Army Corps was involved with the Gilboa Dam situation. They took part in a workshop on the subject and reviewed the city's plans for stabilizing the dam. The Corps will also be involved in another Gilboa workshop in February, about the anchoring cables that are going to be installed."
"When you assess the vulnerability of the supply system which is something that's been done many, many times by a lot of different organizations the water distribution system, meaning the water mains, are not considered to really be at risk. You're talking about an enclosed and pressurized system."
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