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"I don't think he wants the tag of America last year as his first victory. So for sure it's the first proper victory of an Aldo Costa-designed car. It's a good precedent for the future."
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"This winter and next year he'll do a few more serious tests. It's a kind of open-ended agreement,"
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"I'm quite happy with the choice and it's really up to him to prove next year whether he's a long-term Ferrari driver or not."
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"We need to see how things progress before we make those sort of predictions or scenarios,"
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"It was obviously very frustrating to have come so close to winning a race but after the season we had last year, we can take a great deal of encouragement from today's performance."
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"How nice it is to do a launch with the new car running outside, a very pleasant background."
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"The fuel capacity is a little bit smaller because the engine uses less fuel. There is more space in the back of the car because the engine is shorter. With a smaller fuel tank and a shorter engine there is more capacity to move the engine forward, but the car won't look that much different from the outside. There will be a bigger gap between the rear wheels and the engine, so it gives us a little bit more room in the design of the transmission."
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"You can see he's got huge potential."
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"I think there's a huge potential from a driver point of view and from a commercial point of view you can imagine the potential it would have as well."
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"This is very frustrating for us. We have had various problems with the engine but we'll get over them. I'm convinced of that."
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