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"This result doesn't make a champion or doesn't decide that the loser cannot be champion. It is just one game. We have dozens and dozens of matches to play."
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"Everyone has a right to an opinion. I can arrive in England and express my opinion. If criticism were ferocious and without intellectual objectivity they should show me the way to their airport. It is important to have an opinion and not be afraid to express it, knowing there will be criticism."
"It doesn't even have a seat on the G-14; it doesn't have a voice where decisions are taken and it also has no influence among the European disciplinary bodies."
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"He knows my feelings about the situation...I don't want to do anything personal. I want to finish with it and I hope he does the same way in relation to us. So I think it is the best thing."
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"It's eight matches, eight victories, 18 goals - I think it's time to respect my players, my team and Chelsea Football Club,"
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"I wish them luck in the qualification match in the Champions League."
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"I believe before his contract ends, Chelsea will offer him an agreement until the end of his career. I don't think there is any chance of Frank joining Barcelona."
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"The victory is fantastic and very important. We have beaten one of our main rivals for the title, which is significant as we hadn't won against them in the league for a long time."
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"I'm very, very proud of my players, very proud them. I think in difficult circumstances they played very well, with a lot of heart."
"I have never been a champion with emotion. I was champion at Porto twice by 20 points and the 16 and at Chelsea it was similar. I never had the feeling of having to play the last game needing the points to be champion and having a sleepless night the day before."
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"The first goal was great, the power he showed in the contact,"
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"We are two completely different teams. They have great quality in one aspect. We have great quality in others."
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"The reality is he is not playing well or feeling confident and this bad feeling in the hamstring coming from the spine is not good,"
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"Using simple technology we could put a stop to wrong decisions."
"During the game, you couldn't see who was the Championship champion and the Premiership champion, ... Because of their commitment and their spirit and their organization, they don't deserve to lose the game."
"Sometimes people forget a little bit in football. I hope he loses on Sunday but after that I want him to finish second and progress in the Champions League."
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"We are on top at the moment but not because of the club's financial power. We are in contention for a lot of trophies because of my hard work."
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"I'm aware of the record and I don't want to break the record just to give him a rest,"
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"For the foreign players it is even more difficult than for the English ones because they cannot have Christmas in their own country, often they are without family here and they deserve respect. They are so committed."
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"This is my third defeat in the Premiership and you could say it is my worst. We lose 1-0 Man City - we don't deserve. We lose 1-0 Manchester United - we don't deserve. We lose 3-0 here - we deserve. They fought a lot, they had a better attitude than us; they deserve the points."
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