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"We can disagree on the laws that are passed, and we often do. But the foundation of our society is that once a law is passed that we agree to obey it. We do not get to obey the laws that we like and disobey the laws that we don't like,"
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"This is without a doubt the most significant natural disaster to ever hit British Columbia's forests. We expect that by 2013, about 80 per cent of our mature natural pine will have been infested by the mountain pine beetle, ... This requires all of us to take unprecedented actions and to think in unprecedented ways."
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"My expectation today remains exactly what it was nine years ago, even, six, five and four years ago. I expect children's deaths to be investigated,"
"[The agreement is] a living process, which I don't think is ever finished. But in today's terms, I think we have balance."
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