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Richard Katz Quotes

9 Richard Katz quotes:

"It's a mutual agreement to terminate. We haven't resigned. We're not resigning the job. We're not being terminated without cause. We've agreed to terminate,"
Author: Katz Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"The University of Cincinnati and Bob Huggins reached a tentative mutual agreement in principle to mutually terminate his employment contract. ... It's not a resignation and it wasn't a termination without cause."
Author: Katz Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"It's a very good example of one interest group that has far too much power on one subject."
Author: Katz Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"Let's not kid ourselves. The entrance into the Big East Conference was primarily the result of positive visibility and awareness of the nationally ranked basketball teams under Bob Huggins . . ."
Author: Katz Quotes Category: Awareness Quotes
"We're still talking about the (buyout) language."
Author: Katz Quotes Category: Language Quotes
"With the large clinical trials, the bleeding problems have turned out to be relatively small, and certainly worth it for the patient,"
Author: Katz Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"Higher education is still quite an open market in this area. The roots of course-management systems in higher education are still very shallow."
Author: Katz Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"We are working on the details of the agreement, which may or may not be finalized in the next 24 hours."
Author: Katz Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"We've signed the agreement, and I'm waiting for a final copy."
Author: Katz Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes

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