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"There's a point in (every NBA season when) talent stops being important and chemistry and character become more important, and I think Phoenix is probably in that stretch. It's a situation that's got to be handled and probably once it's handled you're happy about it. There's some growing pains to it. There might be a loss that you might not have had, but in the same sense he might win a playoff game that the (team) would've lost."
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"Kenyon wears his emotions on his sleeve. Sometimes I probably still do it, too. I don't know what (happened). I support Kenyon and I support the league. The league is trying to police and control actions (of players). This (the fine) will probably be good for (Martin)."
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"It's my Chinese fortune cookie. The year of the rabbit. The year of the cat. It's the year of the Nuggets. Forget about last year. Let's learn from what happened last year. Let's move on to 2006 and have a great 2006."
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"Sometimes I think we try to overcomplicate it. Truth of the matter is you probably should just vote the honest way. I think you have to reward the guys who you think are All-Stars."
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"That's probably been my No. 1 trait this season: I haven't lost my cool. I think I've been more understanding than angry. It might be time to get angry."
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"It's scary when you undergo something like that. But I did a lot of research, so I knew what I was getting into. And then it becomes less scary."
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"When you have Ruben Patterson and Reggie Evans out there? When you don't know what play to run, just let them play? Let them go into the backyard, lower the fence and let the dogs go do it."
"I love New Orleans. I hope it recovers. I think the NBA has shown its desire and spirit to support the fans and the citizens of the city."
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"My determination is to get this team ready for a playoff run, and a good playoff run, ... I think we're in position to do that."
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"In January, he put this team on his back and saved the season when we had every excuse and every reason to give into the schedule, to give into the situations. Surviving January was an incredible statement by Carmelo."
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"I think from a coaching standpoint, this season had a lot of magic to it. There were also a lot of issues."
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"I do give Kenyon some understanding that he's going through a tough year. I know he's very frustrated. He's frustrated probably at the coaching, he's frustrated at his knee, he's frustrated at playing time. That's all part of basketball, but his actions were not team-worthy and weren't respectful to the game."
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"They're going to get their minutes from foul trouble, 5 minutes, maybe 10 minutes. They've got to learn how to play that way. That's what they're going to get early in their careers. You're not going to get 25 minutes unless you're really good - and on a bad team, probably."
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"The truth of the matter is, we're not far away from where we should be. We can complain about the problem or we can go out and solve the problem. I choose to go out and try to solve the problem."
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"He's a superman and a super-human athlete, but I just know how hard it is to score points in our game."
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"We're seeing a team in the fourth quarter that doesn't have the confidence to finish up a game. Last year, we were a great fourth-quarter defensive team."
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"I was surprised at how many came from out of the country, ... They came from Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Germany. . . . There is an energy to the whole process of staying positive, and staying up is important. I thought Denver fans did more than I thought they would."
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"He's been very professional. He's a quiet guy anyway but he's been great. He's been a first-class citizen professionally. Yesterday's practice he and Julius (Hodge) were the two best players on the basketball court."
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"I thought our energy and focus were good tonight."
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"We had a 68-60 lead and the next eight points were gifts. We could never get the momentum back."
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