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"I want Kenyon Martin healthy for him and maybe for the Denver Nuggets. It's got to be a mutual agreement."
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"It's a huge disappointment. This is not a team looking to play in the right direction."
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"In January, he put this team on his back and saved the season when we had every excuse and every reason to give into the schedule, to give into the situations. Surviving January was an incredible statement by Carmelo."
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"I was surprised at how many came from out of the country, ... They came from Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Germany. . . . There is an energy to the whole process of staying positive, and staying up is important. I thought Denver fans did more than I thought they would."
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"I thought our energy and focus were good tonight."
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"Kenyon wears his emotions on his sleeve. Sometimes I probably still do it, too. I don't know what (happened). I support Kenyon and I support the league. The league is trying to police and control actions (of players). This (the fine) will probably be good for (Martin)."
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"Last year we had a different mentality of a honeymoon, excitement, enthusiasm. This year we've had very good moments. In general, I would say we've had a very good year, but we have to become more consistent."
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"I'm tired of excuses. I think it's playing with your heart, playing with intensity and playing with a commitment that, even if you lose, you can be proud of."
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"I thought in that 45-minute conversation, we moved towards each other."
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"It was not a give-and-take conversation."
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"We've got to slow them down. We've done some good things. Consistency would be good there. I would take just shooting the league average on open shots tonight."
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"We're seeing a team in the fourth quarter that doesn't have the confidence to finish up a game. Last year, we were a great fourth-quarter defensive team."
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"He needed help. He needed someone else to help space the court, space the defense away from him. We never could find that guy."
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"I love New Orleans. I hope it recovers. I think the NBA has shown its desire and spirit to support the fans and the citizens of the city."
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"I thought we had to win out (before Wednesday). Right now, our destiny is going to be difficult."
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"My determination is to get this team ready for a playoff run, and a good playoff run, ... I think we're in position to do that."
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"He's a superman and a super-human athlete, but I just know how hard it is to score points in our game."
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"There's a point in (every NBA season when) talent stops being important and chemistry and character become more important, and I think Phoenix is probably in that stretch. It's a situation that's got to be handled and probably once it's handled you're happy about it. There's some growing pains to it. There might be a loss that you might not have had, but in the same sense he might win a playoff game that the (team) would've lost."
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"He's been very professional. He's a quiet guy anyway but he's been great. He's been a first-class citizen professionally. Yesterday's practice he and Julius (Hodge) were the two best players on the basketball court."
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"The circumstances that happened will energize us or de-energize us. I'm hoping we'll all stay strong and stay together and hang together. My gut tells me we're going to do that, but only Thursday night will tell us the answer to that."
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