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"It?s kind of funny: I?m a trawler, and I?m probably viewed as an arch-enemy to most people. But I?m supposed to represent the entire industry."
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"Today there are fewer interactions between the fishing community and population as a whole, partly because there are fewer fisherman. But we've also changed. We're not truly rural anymore, in the sense of the occupations you now find here. We tend to be a lot of urban people living in small towns."
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"It'll employ about 275 jobs. My estimate is that Wal-Mart will displace about 100 jobs that are currently here, so we'll have about 175 jobs net."
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"Chile is the poster child for Latin America. They have gone with a democracy since 1990, and they have free and open markets. They have one of the fastest growing economies in the world."
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"That's even for people who don't shop at Wal-Mart. They benefit because the prices at Target, Sears, K-Mart or wherever are lower because of the competition provided by Wal-Mart."
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"There was a squeaky sound, a big boom and then I saw lights, ... I just prayed that people would be patient and not get upset like what happened in the Superdome."
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"It?s like trying to survey elk by only looking at the edges of where they like to live. We?re stuck. We?re making decisions based on suspect information."
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"Competition is a consumer's best friend. It offers better prices, better variety and better quality. There are also more employers competing for the services of workers, and it makes it better for workers in terms of wages and benefits."
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"These aren't high-paying jobs, but they are above minimum wage and have benefits. It has really added a nice diversity to the city."
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"I'm pro-consumer. Vermillion is under served compared to other communities. We have about 34 percent of the offerings that a typical city in South Dakota has."
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"These immigrants often don't speak English well and don't have much education, but they're physically capable. It's the first step in the ladder to the American dream."
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"I've noticed there seems to be fewer people in the parking lots (of competing stores)."
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"Wal-Mart will provide a source of low priced goods and services that students need, and it will provide jobs for students. The shopping situation we have right now is pretty meager. That may be a factor that affects students' decisions into coming to Vermillion."
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"You've heard these people. You know what's going to happen to the coast."
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