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11 Ken Mehlman quotes:

"America is a country, as everyone here knows and lives every single day, where your aspirations matter more than your origins,"
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"What we've been trying to do is what we believe will help us close the gap we see in America in terms of education, health care, home ownership and wealth. We have policies that will actually achieve those goals."
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"Anybody can come to America and be a proud American."
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"The public believes that the country needs to continue reforming things if we are going to be on the right track."
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"If you look at poll numbers and things like that, we face challenges,"
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"Our party is divided on that issue because we're a big-tent party. The fact is that if your family is bigger, when you have dinner there are more arguments. What we're going to do is focus on where we agree, not areas we disagree about."
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"One idea that everybody who has common sense ought to agree on is the last thing we need is higher gas taxes. Higher gas taxes are bad for families. They're bad for workers. ... It's bad for jobs."
"We're about to move from a referendum [on Bush] debate to a choice debate. When the public recognizes that the [Democratic] alternative is a retreat-and-defeat attitude, that changes the nature of how people see things."
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"We're making history today for the number of grassroots donors, the scope and breadth of donors, as well as amount raised and saved."
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"Minnesota is very important. You're going to have a competitive race for the Senate, a competitive governor's race, you have an open seat in the 6th (Congressional) District, a state legislature that is closely divided, and a state that was very competitive in 2000 and 2004 and is likely to be again in 2008."
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"At the same time we need to remember that we are a nation of law and a nation of immigrants and that folks are coming here to pursue the American dream and to feed their families. Unless you find a legal way for these economic needs to be met, you are encouraging illegal immigration."
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