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Carl Weinberg Quotes

8 Carl Weinberg quotes:

"It tells us the U.S. economy is still quite strong, ... it doesn't mean there couldn't be a forecast for trouble, particularly at the Fed."
"America works and the rest of the world doesn't -- that's our theme for 1999."
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"All this mayhem is very similar to what we have seen in Latin America and in Asia in recent decades. It is driven initially by inflation. This is what China must act to contain. So far, it has not. So the odds of a hard landing remain high."
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"It strikes us both as brave and foolish to look for an improbable rate hike at this particular meeting."
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"I certainly don't see this as the beginning of the end for the U.S. dollar and I don't see this as the beginning of the beginning for the Japanese economy, either. A stronger yen is going to slow the Japanese economy down and a weaker dollar isn't going to have an enormous impact on the U.S., so it's not a major concern at the moment."
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"Canada is doing great -- both of the reports today were good news. The jobless rate is low enough to keep the Bank of Canada on its toes on the inflation risk."
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"If the governments do not reaffirm their commitment to repeatedly intervene until the currency stabilizes, the intervention will fail."
"In recent experience, any report that shows Germany's economy faltering has been bad for the euro,"

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