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Frank Luntz Quotes

6 Frank Luntz quotes:

"In fact, in more cases than not, when we are rational, we're actually unhappy. Emotion is good; passion is good. Being into what we're into, provided that it's a healthy pursuit, it's a good thing."
Author: Luntz Quotes Category: Emotions Quotes
"I believe that there are things worth explaining and educating, even if it takes months or years."
Author: Luntz Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"The eureka moment is two reasons why the output-based standard should be adopted: common sense and accountability. Input-based standards don't encourage energy diversity; they don't create any incentives; they don't produce solar, hydro, nuclear."
Author: Luntz Quotes Category: Common Sense Quotes
"That indicated to everyone that all gloves were off. If you're going to go after the president and the administration that way, there are consequences."
Author: Luntz Quotes Category: Consequences Quotes
"You owe (DeLay) your majority. He's where he is today because he sacrificed himself to gain those extra seats."
Author: Luntz Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"If you're a good numbers person, you're a bad language person."
Author: Luntz Quotes Category: Language Quotes

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