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10 Jim Balsillie quotes:

"In spite of all this noise, customers are still definitely buying in North America, and they're really, really buying internationally."
"I don't think people buy technology products because of the personalities of the people behind them."
"You have to pay a lot of attention to what's important, what's permanent, what's real."
"Most people couldn't give two hoots about it. Certainly, in Canada our sales are soaring. It's been no factor here."
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"Our collaboration with Yahoo will deliver increasingly rich content and services, including enhanced support for Yahoo Mail, to BlackBerry customers in over 60 countries."
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"While the delay in launch dates for these two highly anticipated products caused a timing shift in expected subscriber additions, the products are becoming available now and will help drive significant growth in the coming quarters."
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"We made sure the CIO was happy, ... The CIO has a veto and they don't hesitate to use it because they lose their jobs if the security and reliability of company data is compromised."
"Actual shipments and replacements and sales and software is absolutely staying perfect, really."
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"We are very pleased with the progress achieved by RIM and its partners over the summer, and we are particularly energized by our prospects for the second half of the fiscal year, ... We are entering the second half with solid market positioning, strong momentum and an impressive line-up of new products and services. As a result, we are now expecting to surpass $2 billion in annual revenue and the 5 million subscriber milestone before the end of the fiscal year."
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"It really is a quantum leap forward in the performance for the user both in voice and in data. The speed of it is really a system experience."

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