Lewis Maltby Quotes

4 Lewis Maltby quotes:

"It's not rocket science, ... If the doctor is an employee of the company, there are serious questions about the confidentiality of employees' medical data."
Author: Maltby Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"Surcharges are the first step down a road that America may not want to travel. Surcharges sound nice when you talk about smokers because everyone hates smokers. But what about all the other bad habits that people have?"
Author: Maltby Quotes Category: America Quotes
"What we're seeing is employers who are trying to find out people who might be sick in the future, who might run up the company's medical bills, and (efforts) to screen them out, even though the company knows they can do the job perfectly well."
Author: Maltby Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"the employer ought to be given the benefit of the doubt here if they have acted in a reasonable way."
Author: Maltby Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes

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