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12 Lisa Peterson quotes:

"I'm actually more surprised by the people who don't sleep with their dogs. The people I know, they all sleep with their dogs."
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"Dogs are becoming less like worker bees and more like members of the family. And members of the family sleep in beds."
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"People shop for Christmas gifts and other goods online. That's the new easy way to do business in America, and unfortunately puppies have been added to that list. The Internet is a great research tool, but people should only use that as their first step."
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"When the breeders make the dogs smaller than they should be, you start running into problems."
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"It's not likely (in the near future), ... He needs the history."
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"They are probably the most intense in the whole group of herding dogs, ... They have intense concentration skills."
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"We're doing this to keep the streets clean and to control rodents as best we can."
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"People are seeing a return on their investment, on both sides, both on the education side and the industry side."
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"As a result of both these events, thousands fewer puppies and kittens will be born in this area."
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"What drives the play is the delicate nature of happiness and why it is that some people just cant find it. Carol is not a depressed person. She has some things in her life that are troubling her marriage is falling apart. But she is actually a huge-hearted, generous person. Its been interesting and even exciting to see how theatrical the play is, and the echoes and connections. Its woven more tightly than I thought, and the humor comes through also."
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"We look at dogs with decades, if not hundreds of years of history, ... Purebred dogs were created to do a function for man."
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"[Lisa Peterson of the American Kennel Club says dogs are well suited to assist people with disabilities, providing them with greater mobility and independence.] Dogs have an innate desire to please, ... They want to help, and they are willing and able to follow specific instructions."
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