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Bryan Hilferty Quotes

9 Bryan Hilferty quotes:

"Every army in the history of the world has always had some deserters, usually much greater than we have today, because once again every soldier who's joined the Army since 1973 is a volunteer, and the numbers are very small and they are almost completely for -- people desert almost completely for personal or financial reasons."
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"We have a variety of intelligence and we're sure we're going to catch Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar this year. We've learned lessons from Iraq and we're getting improved intelligence from the Afghan people."
"I think it's just common sense, ... These are people with a propensity for service who previously served honorably and who are trained. If they want to serve, why shouldn't we offer them that opportunity? And why should we put up barriers?"
"We have met the active Army's monthly recruiting goals since June, and we expect to meet it for September, which sends us into fiscal year 2006 on a winning streak,"
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"American youth tend to have tattoos now. The demographic is changing. If a kid is in good shape and passes all the tests, do Americans really want us to say no to him because he's got tattoos? I don't think so."
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"We're going to operate simultaneously throughout the entire eastern and southern part of the country so we get inside the decision cycle; so we hit them before they can hit innocent men, women and children,"
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"The Army is America. We are America's sons and daughters. America's sons and daughters are getting tattoos. That means that American soldiers are getting tattoos."
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"Not everyone is qualified to join this team. To enlist you have to both meet our high standards and be motivated to serve your country motivation or qualification alone is not enough."
"I wouldnt brag too much about this one because its so small, but its still seven straight months."

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