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Chuck Long Quotes

10 Chuck Long quotes:

"We're still looking for a fullback, and something might pop up later in the spring. Fullbacks are hard to find, and we'd like to get some of them in here in the future."
Author: Long Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"He was very limited in the game and we felt like he deserves a better chance. So, we're going to start him in this game and go from there. We'll keep it open-ended and see what happens in the football game."
Author: Long Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"It's something that I've always believed in. It was the basis of our philosophy at Oklahoma, making it competitive every year. I think it just makes your team so much stronger and gives you a better chance to win. It gives everybody an opportunity and keeps people involved, keeps them hungry, and that's what you want."
Author: Long Quotes Category: Philosophy Quotes
"Time stood still, so to speak,"
"Sometimes that's hard for offensive people to suck up their pride. But we needed to do that."
Author: Long Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"Everyone associated with Quicksilver is excited to bring competitive, professional golf back to our championship course."
Author: Long Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"We knew what we had coming into the season, we knew we had heavy graduation. We had two new quarterbacks. It was quite possible we would have the first freshman starter since I've been here. We knew we would have some growing pains."
Author: Long Quotes Category: Graduation Quotes
"Del is a very meticulous person who knows both the run game and the passing game very well. He has great experience at a high level. I put together a list of high-level coordinators and he was on that list."
Author: Long Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"This staff is used to facing tough schedules. The challenges are great, but I knew that when I took this job. There are no surprises. It's a tough schedule, but that's just the way it is."
Author: Long Quotes Category: Challenges Quotes
"Two good coaching staffs, two great football teams. I think this will be great for America."
Author: Long Quotes Category: America Quotes

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