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Robert Crumb Quotes

9 Robert Crumb quotes:

"Oh, yes. I knew I was weird by the time I was four. I knew I wasn't like other boys. I knew I was more fearful. I didn't like the rough and tumble most boys were into. I knew I was a sissy."
"When I come up against the real world, I just vacillate."
"I felt so painfully isolated that I vowed I would get revenge on the world by becoming a famous cartoonist."
Author: Crumb Quotes Category: American Artist Quotes Revenge Quotes
"I have always had an abiding interest in that type of female anatomy."
Author: Crumb Quotes Category: American Artist Quotes Interest Quotes
"If I didn't draw comics I was a worthless human being. It was tedious labor, so I worked fast to get it over with."
Author: Crumb Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"Most of my adult life I had this towering contempt for America."
"When people say 'What are underground comics?' I think the best way you can define them is just the absolute freedom involved... we didn't have anyone standing over us."
"Everything that is strong in me has gone into my art work."
"I guess I didn't enjoy drawing very much. It was like homework."
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