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"The damage that the Domenici bill would do every aspect of life in America would be incalculable. In very short order, America would become a vastly overpopulated nation devoid of a middle class. The United States Senate owes it to the American public to reject this and similar amnesty and guest worker bills and focus on protecting our borders and the survival of the American middle class."
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"They need to fix the system. Not only do they need to make the enforcement commitments work, they need to reduce immigration ... and eliminate the nepotistic family chain migration system that fuels the seeds of unmanageable immigration growth."
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"Overcrowded, multilingual, schools will not become manageable because the kids are suddenly the children of guest workers, instead of illegal aliens. Millions of unskilled laborers will not magically become high-earning taxpayers because they have work visas. State budget crises will not be alleviated, housing will not become more affordable, traffic will not become less congested, and middle class jobs will not become more plentiful if we give everyone who is here, or who wants to come here, a piece of paper that says they're legal."
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