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"Most bureaucracies take a while to get it together, and this is America -- we have so much and we can't get it together [in the face of Hurricane Katrina], ... So imagine a country that's very poor, with a clunky bureaucracy. The ability to coordinate and manage this sort of crisis, especially in a country with corruption, high levels of alcoholism and a top-heavy bureaucracy, is challenging."
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"When there is deliberate, intentional violence by man against man, very particular feelings are generated, ... The victimized population wants revenge. There's a breakdown of trust in your fellow man."
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"It was impressive seeing how this NGO operated, ... It really operates like an excellent family organization. They protect each other, and they also have a role in protecting others. They're cheerful, earnest, competent and poor, and they also know how to blend pleasure and hard work."
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