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"But, you know, this is America . . . I just don't really care for it."
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"Will it make a difference? I don't know. I doubt it, to be honest, but it's to the point where I had to say something. If it falls on deaf ears, so be it."
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"I had the experience, the championship rings or whatever, and they listened to me, but that only got me so far. Now that I'm playing and actually practicing what I preach, it carries a little more weight."
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"Those guys are consummate leaders, great professionals, great people. They weren't just great basketball players; they were great people to be around. ... [This organization] has a knack for finding them. It's nice to have great people, but you've got to win games. They've found a way to do both."
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"All the basketball players in the city, the NBA guys, the coaches, everybody told me to go see Herb. He's shaped the games of so many players."
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"Coach has been leaning on me all season. He's been depending on me to do a lot and I haven't been able to hold up my end of the bargain. I'm just glad these last couple of weeks I've been able to do some positive things."
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"I don't tend to dwell on that too much. I'm starting to feel good, as far as confidence is concerned, but I'm just hoping things can keep going."
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"He's been really gaining confidence as of late, and it's looking good. He's out there playing well. He's moving defensively, he's hitting that shot, he's spreading the floor and he's scoring inside. He's finishing. So it's making him really, really dangerous."
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"What we've gone through is one of life's most cruel tests, a test of character and will and perseverance. This year has been very trying for us as players. I know it's been trying for everyone else, management and fans, especially. We're not giving up."
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"My mom always told me character is doing the right thing when people aren't looking. We've been awful this year and I'm sure people aren't watching us anymore. So if we do the right thing, it would be a great measure of character."
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"It was like hitting your funny bone, ... I lost feeling in both arms for a minute."
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"I felt proud of them and happy for them as friends. But then I was, not jealous in a bad way, but I just was wishing I had been there ... It did take me a while to accept that reality, but that's over with now."
"Mr. Dolan just kind of cleared the air. He said he's not giving up on us."
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"I'll be scratching my head minutes down the road as to what happened. But it's over, and thank God I made it through."
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"My instinct was to go for it, ... But then reality set in and I was like, ?What the heck am I doing??"
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"I was trying to protect his fall."
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"All this stuff, we can't really worry about it. If we get better and keep getting better the rest of the year, that's our ultimate goal."
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"It looked like a different team on the defensive end. We made several mistakes, but we were trying to cover for one another, everybody was moving. It was a frenetic pace on defense and that's where we need to be."
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"It was basically a support meeting. Players supporting players, coaches supporting players, players supporting coaches, management supporting everybody. It was good. It wasn't anything like, 'You guys have to start playing harder.' It was just support."
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"He, like the rest of us, has a lot of things going on. He's in a position of power, he's the head coach, and ultimately he takes a lot of the blame for what happened this season. But he has a lot of decisions to make, just like a lot of guys on the team have a lot of decisions to make. I'm waiting to see what happens."
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