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Scott Speed Quotes

10 Scott Speed quotes:

"We did a new tire run at the end of practice, but unfortunately I was held up a little bit by Jacques [Villeneuve of Sauber]. I was very pleased with the performance of the car,"
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"I was very happy with our early progress today, we were able to move up from 17th place into fifth and I was making a move to pass two cars ahead of me. Something happened where they collided and I was unable to avoid their collision. The damage to our nose cone was too extensive to continue. It's a real shame as I was very confident we could succeed today."
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"Fortunately, we have great tires for this type of race. The surface of these slick Cooper A1 tires can become almost gel-like with the high track temperatures, and the way that they 'squash' into the track surfaces really helps with grip and cornering."
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"It's something that I've been dreaming of since I was 11 years old - to race in Formula One. It's for sure going to be a very emotional experience."
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"It is a tremendous honor to be called onboard by Rick to lead A1 Team USA into Brands Hatch. I am very excited to carry the American flag into competition and will do my best to represent the U.S."
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"Every track has its unique challenges, but Circuito Estoril is one of the most difficult tracks because it is physically grueling, both for your tires and yourself as a driver,"
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"To almost grab a point last weekend was almost like a victory."
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"It's going to be very difficult to judge my performance against the others in the series. I want to score some points this year. That would be a huge success."
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"But it's something that was a huge character builder, when you can walk around the racetrack and still perform wearing diapers and have self-dignity."
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"Formula One comes to America once a year. I think that is the fact that's going to limit the exposure here. Formula One's not big in America to the major public. For any driver growing up, it's a dream to make it to Formula One. It was a dream of mine as a kid. Fortunately I'm living it now."
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