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David Banner Quotes

4 David Banner quotes:

"This was a star-studded event. We had cats flying in from LA and all over just to be there. We had over 10,000 people there, it was amazing,"
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"My character is one of the few people in the town besides Lazarus [played by Samuel L. Jackson] that really understands this woman, ... He's a hustler but No one else believes in her and they all kind of get down on her. It's a real cool movie"
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"It's about a white family and a black family living in modern day North Mississippi but the white family's mind set is that of 1869 and no matter what you do it won't change, they still think and talk the way they would in 1869, so it's really pushing it, ... My character is a member of black rock band who works at Sonic, but he is moving upward and is in direct conflict with the white family. I think that it's really going to push the envelope and address the issue of race relations in America, even if we don't want to."
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"The sad thing is that people are going to think this is a reflection of rap music. But it's not a reflection ... people have lives outside of the music."
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