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Andrew Carroll Quotes

5 Andrew Carroll quotes:

"It breaks my heart to hear about families who delete e-mails because they don't think of them in the same way as letters,"
Author: Carroll Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"When they first started doing these, ... a lot of women would kiss the envelopes with lipstick just the way they do with love letters. So as they were going through the processing machines, the lipstick would build up and it would jam the machines. So they had to do Public Service Announcements saying, 'Please don't kiss your letters!' It was called the Scarlet Scourge."
Author: Carroll Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"You get a sense that the letter-writer is in a groove, pouring out these words that give you insight to what this person is thinking."
Author: Carroll Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"This is the historical record. These are the eyewitnesses to these events, so no one can ever say this didn't happen or it wasn't like that. This tells us it happened in a very immediate and quite graphic way."
Author: Carroll Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"No toy stores here. This flag represents America and makes me proud each time I see it."
Author: Carroll Quotes Category: America Quotes

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