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34 Katie Couric quotes:

"I know there's a great deal of speculation, and while I appreciate the interest, kind of, my contract ends in May and I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do. I'm fortunate to have a couple of opportunities to think long and hard about."
"He would take the blow so you didn't have to."
"I feel like a human pinata. The disappointing thing is, no candy is going to spill out."
"So I don't really focus too much on that, and I think it's dangerous if your goal in life is to get the other guy, then you're not going to be doing a really quality job yourself."
"They see us interacting with people, they see us doing serious interviews, they see us having fun, and when you're conversing with someone, you get a much clearer impression of who that person is than if they are just reading into a news piece."
"You can't please everyone, and you can't make everyone like you."
"I can tell you with complete honesty that my relationship with Matt hasn't changed at all. We like and care about each other."
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"I beg. I call. I badger. I cajole. Part of the secret is everyone has fun and that's really motivating."
"A lot people I know - it drives them crazy when they're watching, to see the people with their signs and waving, but there's something that's very inclusive about it."
"And I've always - the competition is one aspect of the job, but I think if you're too busy worrying about the competition, you don't focus enough on what you're doing."
"At least for me personally, I've always tried to do a really good job every day, with each interview, and treat each interview seriously, and make the person I'm speaking with feel comfortable, hopefully make it an ideal experience."
"I think you get to know the people on the shows better than you do in any other format, because the audience sees us in so many different situations."
"Sometimes I think change is a good thing."
"The morning is an extremely lucrative time slot for network television and of course, if it's making money, everybody wants a slice of that pie."
"I would hate to have that sort of like tabloid aspect of it or the relationship or anything overshadow, you know, what I think is really Kevin's best movie -- and probably mine, too,"
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"If I hear the word 'perky' again, I'll puke."
"You know, you've got serious pieces, you've got light pieces, you've got cooking segments, you've got health-related topics, so it's not as if they've had a unique personality from the get-go."
"I could announce one morning that the world was going to blow up in three hours and people would be calling in about my hair!"
"And that is, in an increasingly fragmented society - I'm getting a little bit esoteric here - people like routine, people like familiarity."
"But, you know, they don't enjoy the dinner hour together. It's just not as much of a ritual at night and it's interesting. I think the ritual is taking place perhaps more in the morning."

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